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Yvonne H. (Sen.H.H.S)

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Cover of the Summer that Never Was

Oct 2023: Release the Ghosts!
The Summer that Never Was has arrived! Villagers of Willowshore, rise and defend your town and unravel the mystery of the horrors haunting your town!
Everyone, beware of spoilers!
Players looking for a spoiler free experience should check out the Season of Ghosts Player's Guide here.

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Yvonne, pen name Sen.H.H.S., is a Taiwanese freelance TTRPG writer who has both self-published and written for acclaimed publishers and projects such as Paizo and Level Up. She is one of the winners of the Diana Jones Emerging Designer Program in 2023.She spent her formative years in Taiwan before going abroad to live in Singapore, China, and Canada. She has a BMLSc degree from the University of British Columbia. She is also an alumni of the Writer Studio program at Simon Fraser University, where she studied speculative fiction under Hiromi Goto.Yvonne currently lives in New Taipei City with her loving parents. You can follow her on Bluesky @senhhs.bsky.social, Twitter @SenHHS or Instagream senhhs_writes for her latest activities and thoughts.A list of projects she has participated in may be found under portfolio.For business inquiries, see contact.

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Known Direction, Presenting, Freelancer interview: Podcast / Youtube
Gen Con, TableTakes, DJA Emerging Designer Winner Interview: Youtube
Paizo, Paizo Live, Season of Ghost AP Promotion: Twitch VOD


PF AP #196: The Summer that Never Was
Lost Omens: Tian Xia World Guide
Lost Omens: Tian Xia Character Guide
*Cover credits bolded


Pathfinder Treasure VaultFulusPaizo Inc.
Pathfinder Lost Omens FirebrandsRelationships, Jin LiPaizo Inc.
Starfinder Port of CallsAccord Ports, Quinsetti (NPC), Auevi (NPC)Paizo Inc.
Pathfinder Lost Omens HighhelmFolgritPaizo Inc.
Pathfinder Rage of ElementsCultural Consultant, Cover AuthorPaizo Inc.
Pathfinder Society Year 5 Intro: Year of Unfettered ExplorationScenario WriterPaizo Inc.
Battlezoo Bestiary (5E)ContributorRoll For Combat
Pathfinder AP #196: The Summer that Never WasCover AuthorPaizo Inc.


Pathfinder Dark ArchiveMindscape Adventure (1st half)Paizo Inc.
Pathfinder Book of the DeadGhosts, some itemsPaizo Inc.
SF Galactic MagicThe Cycle, SangposhtiPaizo Inc.
Level Up: Memories of HoldenshireDesignerEN Publishing
SF Drift CrisisPre-Crisis DriftPaizo Inc.
Remarkable GuildsContributing WriterLoresmyth
PF Bounty #21: Against the UnlivingBounty WriterPaizo Inc.


Sol Survivor: Print EditionShort StoryW.H. Arthur
Vice and VirtueRandomized TablesDungeons on a Dime
In*die Zine Mar 2021Supplement SongIn*die Zine
Pathfinder Bestiary 3Imperial Dragons, Guardian BeastsPaizo Inc.
CoM: Atlantis DividedLore and ArchetypeRealmwarp Media
Dreams of Nu-waAdventure, Art, LayoutSelf-published
In*die Zine Jun IssueSupplement SongIn*die Zine
A Clash of LightningMini-encounterDagonzo
PF AP #167: Ready? Fight!Goka Gazatteer, Sentivitiy ReadingPaizo Inc.
Breaking Out a DrowMini-encounterDagonzo
Secrets of MagicFuluPaizo Inc.
Level Up: Adventurer's GuideLead DesignerEN Publishing
Level Up: Monstrous MenagerieLore WriterEN Publishing
LO: The Grand BazaarUrban Garden JewelersPaizo Inc.
PF Guns and GearsTian Xia and Vudra: Birth of Black PowderPaizo Inc.
This Night and ThenScenario WriterUnnamed Game Company
Monster of MythsKaijusPaizo Inc.


TitleEntryPublisherProduct Link
Weaver's AlmanacAppendix SongDee PennywayWebsite
Arium FlashAdventure SeedAdept IcarusKickstarter
In*die Zine Sep 2020Supplement SongIn*die ZineItch.io


TitlePublisherProduct Link
Land of Pan-guSelf-publishedItch.io


TitlePublisherProduct Link
Emerge 15The Writer StudioAmazon


Available for:
Worldbuilding and Lore Creation
TTRPG Design and Writing
Cultural Sensitivity Consultation and Reading
Writing samples available upon request

Please include "Business Inquiry" in subject line.
Email: yvonnehsiao925 @ gmail.com