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Yvonne H. (Sen.H.H.S)

TTRPG Freelance Writer

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Unnamed Game Company's first publication, This Night and Then, has been released! Build your stories from the ending back, and explore with your team all that has happened to lead up to the finale!

Check out Urban Garden Jewelers in Pathfinder 2e's The Grand Bazaar, or find out about the history of blackpowder in Golarion in Guns and Gears!

EN Publishing's Level Up! Kickstarter has gone live! Make your pledge before it ends on November 6th!

Upcoming Publications
From Paizo:
Monster of Myths
Book of the Dead

...and more in 2021 and onward!


Yvonne, pen name Sen H.H.S., is a Taiwanese freelance TTRPG writer who has both self-published and written for acclaimed publishers and projects such as Paizo and the Unbreakable Anthology.

She spent her formative years in Taiwan before going abroad to live in Singapore, China, and Canada. She has a BMLSc degree from the University of British Columbia. She is also an alumni of the Writer Studio program at Simon Fraser University, where she studied speculative fiction under Hiromi Goto.

Yvonne currently lives in New Taipei City with her loving parents. You can follow her on Twitter @SenHHS for her latest activities and thoughts.

A list of projects she has participated in may be found under portfolio.

For business inquiries, see contact.


Adventure Writer; Unbreakable Anthology 2021, Unbreakable Publishers.
Contributing Writer; Pathfinder Lost Omens: Monster of Myths, Paizo Inc.
Contributing Writer; Pathfinder Book of the Dead, Paizo Inc.
Contributing Writer; Pathfinder Dark Archive, Paizo Inc.
And more!

Short Story Writer; Sol Survivor: Print Edition.
Guest Writer; Vice and Virtue, Dungeons on a Dime.
Song Writer; In*die Zine Mar Issue.
Contributing Writer; Imperial Dragon, Guardian Beasts; Bestiary 3, Paizo Inc.
Assistant Lore Writer; Atlantis Divided, Realmwarp Media.
Self-publisher; Dreams of Nu-wa.
Song Writer; In*die Zine Jun Issue.
Contributing Writer; A Clash of Lightning; Dagonzo.
Contributing Writer; Goka; Pathfinder Adventure Path #167: Ready? Fight!, Paizo Inc.
Sensitivity Reader; PF AP #167: Ready? Fight!, Paizo Inc.
Contributing Writer; Breaking Out a Drow; Dagonzo.
Contributing Writer; Fulu; Pathfinder Secrets of Magic, Paizo Inc.
Lead Designer; Level Up: Advance 5th Edition, EN Publishing.
Contributing Writer; Urban Garden Jewelers; Pathfinder Lost Omens: The Grand Bazaar, Paizo Inc.
Contributing Writer; Pathfinder Guns & Gears, Paizo Inc.
Scenario Writer; This Night and Then, Unnamed Game Company.

Appendix Song Writer; Mnemonic: Weaver's Almanac.
Adventure Seed Writer; Arium Flash, Adept Icarus.
Song Writer and Performer; In*die Zine Sep Issue.

Self-publisher; Land of Pan-gu, self-published.

Student Anthology; Emerge 15, The Writer Studio.




Available for:
Worldbuilding and Lore Creation
TTRPG Design, Layout, and Writing
Cultural Sensitivity Consultation and Reading
Writing samples available upon request

Please include "Business Inquiry" in subject line.
Email: yvonnehsiao925 @ gmail.com